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WARSAW „European Best Destination 2023”

From a list of over 400 dream destinations this year, with a record number of about 700,000 votes of tourists from 78 countries, the 20 most interesting cities were selected, and the Polish capital city WARSAW came first.

The European Best Destinations organisation, which has been cooperating with the European Commission since 2009, whose aim is to promote beautiful, intriguing, safe and environmentally sustainable tourist destinations in Europe, recorded the highest voting result so far in favour of WARSAW.


Top 10, or what to visit:

  • The Old Town, including the Royal Castle and its gardens, Warsaw’s Archcathedral, the Defensive Walls with the Monument of the Little Insurgent, Old Town Square – a stroll through the streets of the historic city meticulously rebuilt from the ruins of war, full of souvenirs and vibrant tourist life.
  • Royal Łazienki – Łazienki Palace and Park, atmospheric park avenues, flowered squares, a Sunday piano concert at the Fryderyk Chopin monument, the elegant Orangery and the shaded Theatre on the Water.
  • Wilanów Palace – the favourite residence of Polish King Jan III Sobieski – the victor in the clash with the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, and his beloved wife Queen Marysieńka D’Arquien.
  • Chopin Museum – the world’s largest collection of the composer’s memorabilia, his manuscripts and portraits, part of which is on the Memory of the World UNESCO list, in the palace spoken of in the ominous legend of Warsaw…
  • Warsaw Rising Museum – in the former poor factory district, in the spacious building of the old City Tram Power Plant from the early twentieth century, a suggestive “portal” was created to the universe of the dramatic freedom uprising of the inhabitants of Warsaw in 1944, with the rich factual and historical background of the twentieth century.
  • The Palace of Culture and Science – the observation deck on the 30th floor with a panorama of Warsaw – you can see the whole city from here, and thus understand it better. Although perhaps a better gift than the Palace from the then brotherly USSR would have been the metro line it had offered…
  • The National Museum – a collection of Polish art from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century; the only gallery in Europe of ancient Nubian painting from the excavations of Polish archaeologists in Faras, Sudan.
  • The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews – 1,000 years of history of Jews for whom Poland became a homeland, meticulously preserved souvenirs, along with an unforgettable reconstruction of the polychrome synagogue from Gwoździec, and finally an almost daily register of testimonies of drama and extermination during World War II.
  • The Copernicus Science Centre to come, to experience, to get to know – both for children and for all of us eternally curious about the mysteries of the universe, among good architecture, with a beautiful panorama of the Vistula and its two banks.
  • Vistula BoulevardsMultimedia Fountain Park a walk with the panorama of both banks of the Vistula – old Warsaw and Warsaw’s Praga district, with multimedia evening fountain shows at 9 pm in the month of August.

It is worth staying longer, we recommend: